The Information Laboratory

What is Information?
What is acausal/causal Information?
Information and evolution

In the Informationtheory you can find a lot of causal Content.

We are researching acausal Information like Creativity!

For individuality and free will we have a build-in random Generator, this is also necessary to abstract the Information. This is the base of creativity

We have to take care of that

Entropy is in opposite to Information

Internet kills your soul. You cannot calculate Intuition, Creativity and Free Will!

The Quantuum Storm

Regenerate your creativity by absorbing entropy from an audiostream during sleeping

There is causal and acausal Information in our World.
Both are important but in the end not compatible.

The Facts:

Information is a important part of the Evolution.
Information has nothing to do with nature.
Information uses the nature to crow up.
Information is logic.
Humans want to handle information.
Humans also want to be creative.
Logic an creativity is not compatible.
information-theory is mathematics.

Save creativity of the Human Species. The goal of the information laboratory:

The complete Information is for the Humans.
We want to build borders and gates from to the World of causal Information to acausal Information.
Make good Firewalls to protect the diffrent systems.
Fight for acausal Information and
putting more Art to the central position in our Life. 
Be carefully using Information because Information is not for humans only   

The human species is a milestone for the evolution of Information

Information is like the time: a vector in one direction - no way return.

Build island to save working space and time.
The Next Layer World Information

Bergstrom - Rosval
Information could be our enemy